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  • Windows Mobile 2003

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RepliGo PDF Mobilizer for Pocket PC 1.0.1 30/03/06 Trial version English
  • Windows Mobile 2003

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RepliGo PDF Mobilizer allows you to convert unlimited PDF documents in one simple step. Simply drag-and-drop multiple files or folders into the workspace and Mobilizer batch converts the PDF originals into the popular RepliGo file format for easy reading on mobile devices.

Using advanced recognition and compression technology, PDF documents can be converted and deployed to several mobile devices and platforms with ease without losing the original PDF document's look and feel.

Imagine providing your entire mobile workforce with instant access to reference manuals, sales materials, reports, CAD drawings, spreadsheets, corporate presentations, and more. Or use it for your personal use for converting multiple complex PDF documents in one operation.

Product Highlights:

Batch convert unlimited number of PDF documents

Drag-and-drop groups of PDF files or folders containing PDF files and have Mobilizer convert all the files to the popular RepliGo file format in one simple step

Robust engine optimized to handle more complex PDF documents

Mobilizer uses a newer, more robust conversion engine that is built to handle extremely large and/or complex PDF documents. Plus, the conversion time is shorter.

No need for Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Mobilizer does not utilize Adobe Reader or Acrobat for the conversion. It is a standalone application specilizing in conversion of PDF documents to easy reading on mobile devices without losing the original look and feel.

RepliGo Viewers for other mobile platforms included

You can publish your RepliGo files to anyone regardless of their mobile device. They can simply install the viewer for their device which is provided to you - FREE! The supported platforms are; Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm OS 5, Symbian UIQ, and Nokia Series 60 devices, as well as Windows PC desktops.

Easy User Interface

Import or drag-and-drop files onto the workspace and watch the files convert one by one. It also provides real-time statistics on progress, compression, error files and more. It's that easy

"I will never pay $100 for a pocket pc application"

The program is usable, but there is not that much that makes this program stand out over the rest. There are other programs out there that are free or cost under $20. Whoever decided on the pricing has an addiction they need to address. I will never pay $100 for a PPC application.

  • The gui is a little nicer, but that is it.
  • PRICE, $100 is crazy.

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21 Oct 2009

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